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Probate is the legal process through which a person's estate is administered after death. Whether the deceased person, known as the decedent, left a valid will or died intestate (without a will), the estate will most likely need to go through probate if the estate is large enough and contains any real estate.  The probate process in Colorado is efficient and relatively inexpensive, but can be daunting for a family to navigate immediately after a loved one's death. If you are appointed the personal representative of your loved one's estate, you will be tasked with several responsibilities, including collecting the decedent's assets, preparing and filing the necessary court forms, paying the estate's debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries as directed by a will or state law. In addition to these responsibilities, there may be other legal problems that need to be addressed, such as a challenge to the validity of the will or relatives contested their share of the estate. 

Probate Power can guide you through the probate process and assist with your responsibilities to ensure the process is smooth and the decedent's estate is distributed as he or she wished. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for your FREE consultation.


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